Elements Brands exists at the intersection of high quality products and high quality technology. We believe that in order to create the best products, we need to hire the best people. And we want those people brainstorming, designing, and talking with customers – not pushing buttons and making spreadsheets. So we’ve invested heavily in the best technology to automate all the boring stuff that’s usually manual. There are no TPS reports here.

All this translates into a great experience for our customers. When a consumer orders online, their package goes out the next morning, with timely tracking information right to their inbox. When retail stores order by the case, they can count on tight data integration and timely shipments.

Because of our technology expertise, we have a particular focus on acquiring “Four Hour Work Week” style businesses. If you have a lifestyle business that you’re interested in selling, please get in touch. We understand your business philosophy and can help your company become a much bigger brand. Entrepreneurs and intermediaries should contact us at [email protected] with general inquiries or acquisition opportunities.

Categories of Interest

  • Branded consumer products
  • Proprietary products
  • E-Commerce storefronts
  • Online consumer services

Investment Criteria

  • Defensible position in a niche market
  • $50,000 – $750,000 of revenue
  • Consistently profitable
  • Track record of top and bottom line growth
  • 3+ years sustained profitability