Highest quality niche consumer products.

Elements Brands is a portfolio of high quality consumer products brands with a specific focus on the personal care, organics, and outdoor sports markets. We identify niche consumer markets that are underserved or forced to use generic brands for specific use cases, then develop extremely high quality, custom-engineered products for those customers. This means we deeply understand our specific customer base and create brands they love and identify with.

In addition to launching our own products, we also seek to acquire small brands with strong customer loyalty and significant potential for organic growth. We have a specific focus on acquiring “Four Hour Work Week” or “mom and pop” product businesses and scaling them to the next level by focusing on e-commerce, marketing, and business automation.

We also have a small practice advising emerging brands on business automation and marketing as they scale to critical mass. This can take many forms, and we’ve worked with clients in the past to automate business processes, outsource non-core activities, perform financial analysis, or raise outside capital. Our primary goals in these cases are to help entrepreneurs make their businesses more profitable, more professional, and less time consuming.